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Our Philosophy

Clairvoyant Pools is a swimming pool service and repair company that is challenging the industry norms of what a pool company does and how they provide and sell their services.  We use a data-driven approach combined with our expertise of pool operation to provide premium pool service and pool operational instruction.

The secret to quality pool service is simply education.  Pool professionals have a duty to master their craft through training and certification and to educate their clients, and pool owners must commit some time to understanding how their pool operates.  It’s as easy as that.  But to change this dynamic industry-wide, it requires a complete re-evaluation of what a pool service company does.

That is why we started Clairvoyant Pools.  The mission is in the name and our success relies on the application of our values.  We are devoted to evaluating and developing our service every day so that we can remain ahead of whatever challenges the future of pool landscape will bring us.  Our focus on equipment longevity and the total overall health of the pool's operation will bring sustainability and cost saving opportunities that are otherwise overlooked.


It is our belief that the swimming pool service industry needs to elevate itself and be taken more seriously as a skilled trade.  Swimming pools are man-made in the truest sense of the word.  They are constructed in coordination with multiple trades that operate under strict licensing and certification requirements to ensure safety and compliance to regulatory standards.  However, as of 2022, no specialized licensing or certification is required to operate as a pool service company in the state of New Jersey.  To change the public perception of pool companies, we advocate for stronger licensing requirements in the residential sector and call for the education of all pool owners so that they may become more informed customers.  Through this, we challenge the idea of what swimming pool service is.


A body of water is inherently a safety hazard.  Accidental drownings occur and they can become vectors for disease.  Swimming pools amplify these risks, as they are chemically treated and powered by electricity.  We ask pool service professionals to maintain water safety and continued equipment operation, while not requiring them to complete any certification or education requirements.  Having an understanding of components like electrical systems, plumbing, hydraulics, water chemistry, filtration methods and automation control systems are some of the skills used by adept pool professionals every day.  As pool construction and technology becomes more complex, the potential liability and knowledge requirements will increase. 


It is our belief that the negative representation of pool professionals is directly correlated to the lack of regulation in the industry.  There is no doubt quality pool service companies and technicians operating in New Jersey, but the lack of education, ease of entry and increasing demand for pool service has left some pool owners with a bad impression.

Challenging the Status Quo


Education and training is a fundamental aspect of a technicians career at Clairvoyant Pools.  As members of the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) and the North East Swimming Pool Association (NESPA), we require education and certification through PHTA’s nationally recognized certification program for all second year service technicians.  Education and certification is a requirement to advance in the company and our clearly defined roles have certification requirements - that way customers always get someone qualified for the job at hand.


We are also committed to educating our pool customers and believe that it is pivotal in the success of our business.  We believe what's best for the customer can be what is best for the business, too.  Every pool we serve will be inspected in close detail with a report that is generated and presented to the client.  From this report, the client will be able to understand their pool's operation.  This gives us the platform to educate and share our expertise.  From here, we make recommendations that allow us to guarantee service equipment and pool operation for the client.


Through stronger licensing requirements and client education, we can begin to evolve the idea of more individualized pool service.  We believe the purpose of pool service is not just to have a clean pool every Friday in the summer - we argue that the purpose is to evaluate and maintain the operation of the pool consistently over the course of the pool’s existence.  A clean pool is a feature of this ideology but not the focus.

A Modern Approach to Pool Service


The fundamental flaw in many pool owners' expectations for weekly service is that the pool operation is only implied, while the pool cleaning is what is advertised.  It is easy to quantify pool cleaning; the pool was dirty and now it's clean.  It's much more difficult for pool owners to understand the details of their pool operation, that is, if they are even informed about it in the first place.  Over time, this dynamic leads to the customer equating a clean pool to a job well done.  The truth is, a properly operating swimming pool will remain clean with limited, but consistent maintenance.  To offer a more individualized pool service plan, we need to step away from the typical weekly service ideology and break down the customer's roles and expectations for weekly service.

Public swimming pools are required to test water up to three times per day and always have someone on site with knowledge of the pool.  In contrast, we resign residential pools - which can experience comparable demands - to cleaning service and chemical adjustment just once per week.  Not only are pool technicians reacting to a full week's worth of chemical use,  they are most times needing to clean seven days worth of debris in the pool.  Sporadic weather events and unexpected bather-loads are pool events that need to be reacted to immediately, not in four days.  The once per week service schedule does not allow for this kind of intervention without swimming interruption.  
We provide degrees of service plans that may encourage customers to work with us to help keep the pool clean and operating.  The education that we provide and our modified service routine can reduce the overall time spent maintaining the pool as well as lower chemical and operational costs.   With more people working from home, we are presented with a unique opportunity to shift the industry perception of pool service.  Pool owners are at their homes and using their pools more than ever and this is an incredible opportunity for pool professionals to provide individualized services.

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