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Our services

Pool Openings - begin at $525

A typical pool opening consists of two to three service visits.  In most conditions, the first visit will consist of starting the pool up, testing all the pool components, netting and brushing, adjusting the water chemistry, and sanitizing the pool.  Follow-up visits will include vacuuming to waste, additional chemical adjustments (salt, chlorine stabilizer) and completing any equipment programing.  Covers are folded and stored for the season with all winterizing equipment.  The pool will be in swimming condition when the opening is complete. 

Pools with Spas

Shared filter equipment - $585

  • Set up and inspection of spa suction and return components including assembly of one additional pump

Separate filter equipment - $695

  • Removal of spa cover

  • Set up and inspection of spa suction and return components including assembly of one additional pump

  • Blow out and fire spa heater

Infinity pools, pools over 40k gallons, waterfall basins and non-standard pool features will require in-person quoting.

Opening Checklist

  • Removal of pool cover

  • Removal of winter plugs

  • Main pool pump assembly and start up

    • Additional auxiliary pumps $35 per pump

  • Install handrails and diving board

  • Clear debris from pool deck

  • Filter inspection (for new customers, filters will be disassembled, cleaned and inspected)

  • Net large debris

    • Excessive debris removal $95 per hour

  • Brush pool

  • Test and adjust water chemistry (chemicals not included)

  • Store pool cover and winter equipment in area designated by customer

  • Blow out and fire pool heater if applicable

  • Follow up vacuuming and final chemical adjustments

  • Set up timer(s)/automation schedule

Recurring Pool Service

Weekly Maintenance and Cleaning Service - $100 

This is a 45-60 minute service that consists of a full spectrum water test and any chemical adjustments needed.  The pool surface is brushed and large debris is removed by vacuuming and/or netting.  All skimmer baskets and pump baskets as well as cleaners are emptied and inspected.  Spas are cleaned of all debris.  Evaluation of all pool equipment performance and maintenance of any equipment which is detailed in the service plan.

Winter Watch - $150

Monthly or bi-monthy (weather dependent) off-season appointments allow us to check in on the pool during the harshest weather season.  Water is lowered and aggressive water is adjusted.  We are also given the opportunity to clean the pool after all the leaves have fallen.  Service appointments in the winter expedite the pool opening process in the spring and reduce chemical costs

We offer individualized services to match every pool and their owner with a plan that works for them.  Let us get to know your pool and we can develop a service routine that is right for you!

Equipment Installation and Repair

Equipment Repair

As part of our inspection report, most typical repairs or replacements to your pool equipment will be detailed ahead of time.  If you are a new client with something damaged or needing to be replaced, we will provide a complete service report after we get the pool back up and running.

Equipment Installation

We are proud to apply our expertise of the newest pool technologies and installation techniques to your equipment pad.  Our professional installation of all pool components will make you want to display our work.  We only install what we believe is the best quality equipment and what is right for your pool set up.  Ask us about heaters, automation systems, variable speed pumps, chemical control systems, alternative sanitation systems and more.  We have the skills to install the equipment the right way and maintain it for years to come.

A-La-Carte Service Calls

Filter Cleanings
  • One time DE filter cleaning - $175

    • Take apart filter canister

    • Disassemble grid assembly and hose off filter grids

    • Visual inspection of grid panels and top manifold

    • Outlet elbow o-ring replacement if needed

    • Reassemble filter and charge with DE

  • One time cartridge filter cleaning - $150

    • Take apart filter canister

    • Remove and clean filter cartridges

    • If cartridges need replacement recommend it to the homeowner. Cartridge filter elements should be replaced every 3-5 seasons

One visit vacuuming service - $175
Party preparation, construction debris clean-ups, storm clean-ups
Gas heater service - $400
  • Heater is disassembled

  • Heat exchanger is wire brushed to remove soot which is then sprayed off with a hose

  • Inlet outlet header is removed from exchanger so that thermal bypass and unitherm governor can be inspected

  • Burner tray is wire brushed and vacuumed

  • Heater body is blown out

  • Heater is reassmebled and fired

  • Static and dynamic gas pressure is checked

  • Gas pipe and gas meter sizing is verified to be correct. Should either or both of these items not be correct, they will be brought to the attention of the homeowner

Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Clairvoyant Pools is an authorized dealer for Loop-Loc safety covers, offering the highest quality swimming pool safety covers.

Whether you're looking to replace an existing safety cover or install a brand new one, you can count on us to provide a solution for your pool design or deck material.  Our installation combined with the quality of the cover manufacturer will provide a safe, pleasing look for your winter backyard.  Safety covers include a bag for safe storage over the summer.  Contact us today for a quote!

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